Five-Star Lighting Equipment Rental in Chicago, IL

Chicago Sound & Lights offers intelligent and conventional lighting, along with the latest technology in lighting controllers. Using the proper lighting equipment transforms any performance into a memorable lightshow extravaganza. We have the professional equipment and technical expertise to add flair and drama to events in Chicago ranging in size from an outdoor concert to a corporate event or an intimate gathering. When you need a lighting equipment rental in Chicago, IL, turn to Chicago Sound & Lights.

Providing a fantastic lighting equipment rental in Chicago, IL



• Chauvet PAR 64 Cans
• Chauvet PAR 56 Cans
• American DJ PAR 64 Cans
• American DJ PAR 46 Cans
• American DJ Jewel Moonflower


• Chauvet COLORado 1-Tri TOUR LED Lights
• Chauvet Q-Beam 260 LED Moving Lights
• Martin MAC 250 Moving Lights
• Blizzard Lighting G60 LED Moving Head Spot
• American DJ Laser Widow

Atmospheric Effects

• Martin Hazer Effect
• American DJ Fogstorm

Lighting Controllers

• Chauvet DMX Controller
• Martin Light Jockey